Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park
Elk Watches - Fall

See & hear magnificant elk during their rutting season. Packages available that include lodging and meal or just the tour.

Contact: Sue Thomas at (606) 398-7510 or email: Sue.Thomas@ky.gov

Pine Mountain State Resort Park
Elk Watches - Fall

Guided elk tours. Sightings now average between 75-100 per trip. Education program called "Elk in Kentucky" encouraged to attend. Participants are encouraged to bring binoculars, camera, water and snacks. Walking distance is minimal. Participants must stay together and will be transported via van.

Contact: Dean Henson at (606) 337-3066 or email: Dean.Henson@ky.gov

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park
Elk Night & Elk Tours

Enjoy a buffet of elk meat with all the fixings, including carved elk, elk meatloaf, elk potpie, fried chicken and assorted vegetables, salad and a dessert bar. Planned nature and recreation activities and elk viewing tours will be available during the day. Come celebrate the return of elk to Kentucky. Tours travel in vans onto reclaimed surface mined areas.

Contact: Trinity Shepherd at (606) 889-1790 or email: Trinity.Shepherd@ky.gov

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